Friday, May 24, 2013

Do You Remember.....

OMG, today was field day at my daughter's school.  Do you remember field day?  It was the day we waited for all year when I was in school.

I volunteered at field day today and let me just say...I am NOT in shape and I am too OLD for field day!   Those kids, the sun and the heat have worn me OUT!

I didn't get to see all the activities they played, but these were the few I did get to see.

Take care.


  1. looks like it was fun!! It would wear me out too!

    Also wanted to say Congratulations and thank you for blog hopping with us last Sunday at Clearly iStamp. Pop on over and check out our new challenge and come play along with you can!

  2. LOL! now I know why you are tired! Oh girl, all of these things going on with the kids and dance and showcases and rehearsals has worn me out. I Can't imagine battling the heat and helping out with a field day! GET SOME REST ... and some extra coffee ;) lol
    Love the pics though :D so sweet and fun!