Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You Teachers

Well, school has officially ended! In all the excitement I totally forgot this year's gift for Cee's teacher. I know, bad Mommy. She's had an AWESOME year, A-B Honor roll all marking periods. So yes, it was a bad thing that I forgot, but I recovered well. I threw together a little gift basket of Bath and Body Works products, so her teacher can relax and release this summer.

I really appreciate the tough job these teachers do everyday. It's got to be rough dealing with so many personalities and trust me some of the kids have personality as big as an adult. I know, I have one of those....

The image for the tag is from Fresh Brewed Designs. It's from the summer rubber release. YES, I pulled out the rubber and actually stamped something. it was pretty fun.

Take Care, enjoy!

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  1. those teachers are going to be pretty happy to get a great gift like that!


  2. What a fantastic teacher gift, Lawren! Love the tag and the beautiful box you made to put the treats in. My mom is a retired teacher, and she would love to have had you as one of her parents. Teachers are under so much pressure these days, and yes, some of the kids can be really tough, though most are precious joys. So nice to hear someone appreciating those teachers, and I'm sure they really appreciate that about you! :-)