Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back from Spring Break

Spring Break is over and I thank the Lord it is. This was probably the most traumatic spring break's I have ever experienced. We were supposed to go to Jersey for the break. We never made it. We were pulling into the rest area is SC, when Houston decided he could fly. He thought it a bright idea to jump out the window while the car was moving. I can only think he had to go more than I thought. So 3 Animal Hospitals later, he was finally released on Monday night. We had started traveling on Saturday.

He is alive and scraped up good. His worse injury is a limp front leg. The doctor thinks he may have permanent nerve damage, in which case it has to be amputated. He is already adjusting to 3 limbs so it won't be a problem if that is the final decision.

I am just grateful he is alive. My daughter and I are so attached to him. She has been a basket case about Houston and his condition, at time even feeling guilty like she made him jump. He is very afraid of the car and not too eager to try and leave when we go out the front door.

Houston is no longer allowed to go on vacation with us. He now will be kenneled every time we go.

Take care.
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  1. HI Lawren.. OHHH poor Houston ( he is soo cute :0).. I hope that they don't have to amputated. Sorry to hear about the Vacation.. Just happy to know your ALL ok and home safe

    Hugs and Blessings

  2. Oh Lawren, I'm so sorry for Houston! I prayed for you right away when you first told us this and hope he is healing and you are feeling better, too! xoxo

  3. Poor Houston, and poor you and your daughter, too! That must have been very scary, and no, not at all a fun way to spend Spring break! Praying Houston is on the mend and that they won't have to amputate his poor little leg!