Monday, October 18, 2010

OHH, NO!!!

Over the weekend my external hard drive crashed. I know what you're thinking, you should have backed up your files....this was my backup drive. I thought I was saving myself the heartache of having my computer crash and losing everything. So I bought a external drive and stored everything there instead of my computer. Needless to say even with this safeguard, I still lost everything.

Geek Squad could only tell me that no system is fool proof. SO I asked what could I do in the future. He said have to drives and back them up periodically. Two drives? What in the world. Ok, did I mention they couldn't retrieve my info either.

I am heartbroken!!!! I don't know what the lesson is in this. I was doing the right things and still....

Ok, running to Staples to see what they can do. I hear they are really good at this.


  1. oh no, I lost everything before and bought and external drive thinking that would ensure I was protected from this happening again...panic stations now, hope you get sorted soon

  2. Awww....I'm sorry lawren. I'm gonna say a quick prayer for you my friend. *hugs*

  3. Well, that just sucks! I am doing the same thing...backing everything up to an external. Now I am scared. I hope you can recover your data and pictures!!! Gina