Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doodle Pantry is Buzzing

Maybe it's me buzzing and not Doodle Pantry. LOL.

I tried something new again. It's wonderful discovering new things. This time I played with blending using baby oil. I've seen a couple tutorials and wanted to know for myself if it really works. Guess what? IT WORKS. I really like how this image came out. The flower was blended with baby oil. With this technique you can add color over color, even after you have used the oil.

Buzzer's wings are glittered with Stickles and just a hint of stickles on the flower.

free glitter - http://www.sparklee.com


  1. Just beautiful! Lovely how the baby oil worked out, it looks really nice!

  2. Lawren, your card is so cute! I love the colours!

  3. What a cute card, Lauren. Great design.

  4. This is great, Lawren! Love the layout and the colors. The glittery wings caught my eye, too. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Super cute! I just recently tried the baby oil blending myself - and I LOVED it!!